Sometimes, no matter how hard we try, we still struggle with problems. Even the best advice of family and friends is not enough to sooth the inner aches and pains of our life or conflicts we might have with others. If you are ready to explore new ways to solve old problems or find healing in your life, contact me today.


My name is Maria and I look forward to meeting you. I am a Licensed Counselor of Washington State. You can verify my credentials here. My approach is gentle, honest, simple, direct, and affirming. You won’t be getting a lot of rigid structure during the session or multiple assessments or forms to fill out, but you will have an open, safe place to explore your life, your problems, your values, and your goals with some thoughtful guidance and suggestions to try. My philosophy on diagnoses are that they can be a helpful way to understand your self, but they don’t define you and what you are capable of. 

At heart, I focus on attachment, attunement, and emotional safety within each session. I believe that there is a power in telling your story and we are all made for greatness. I enjoy using Narrative Therapy to explore influences of your own story, your family story, and culture to help to understand yourself a little better and find the values that help you move forward in life. With children, I enjoy entering into their world through play and helping them make sense of it all in a joyful and respectful manner. With families, I take a very holistic approach, trying to listen to everyone and open up communication and resolve sources of conflict. With couples, I take an Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) approach because it avoids shame and blame, and really gets to the heart of couples’ struggles. 

I offer consultation on a variety of issues, including children’s behavioral issues, trauma-informed care for medical, school, and other professional organizations, attachment and parenting issues, and foster care and adoption training.

I also offer Lifespan Integration for those who struggle with feeling stuck and want a more intense, but long-lasting resolution to trauma, anxiety, and other issues. 

I offer an integration of Christian spirituality with counseling, for those who wish to take that into consideration during counseling sessions. 

I am currently in-network with a variety of insurances. Feel free to contact me regarding whether I take your insurance. I do not accept government insurance. I also accept out-of-network private pay and provide you with a superbill for reimbursement from your insurance company.

For my business motto, I chose “Siempre Adelante!” as inspiration. I hope it helps you too. It means “always forward” in Spanish. I grew up bilingual and biracial as an adoptee in difficult circumstances in South Texas. I know what it’s like to struggle, but I have learned to always keep moving forward and stay positive while acknowledging the truth of our situations and our lives and leaving behind the things that weigh us down and keep us stuck.

In my spare time, I can be found wandering around San Juan Island, hiking, jogging, reading,  having adventures with the locals, hanging out with my family, and scheming over how to bring Southern culture to island life while dreaming of one day having a ranch of our own. 

Many clients tell me how surprised they are by how “easy” therapy is and how surprised they are by the results. Many expected that therapy would be difficult work, that they would never see improvements, and their symptoms were permanent. Although I can never make promises for the potential results, it has been wonderful to see clients reduce or eliminate their symptoms, take control of their lives, and find direction, meaning, and purpose in their lives. Feel free to contact me today to schedule an appointment.


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